RxDC Group Survey

RxDC Group Survey Required to File 2023 RxDC Data on Your Behalf

The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) requires Group Health Plans annually to report detailed information regarding Prescription Drug Costs and Health Care Spending (RxDC) to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

For 2023, CMS again requires additional information not available to us. Although BCBSMS is not responsible for your compliance, we want to continue to assist Group Health Plans with the CAA requirement. We are requesting you provide BCBSMS with the additional information necessary for submission to CMS by completing our RxDC survey.

Here are some general instructions for completing the RxDC Group Survey:

  • Only respond for Health and Wellness Benefit Plans issued by BCBSMS.

  • Do not include premium information for stand-alone dental plans or stand-alone vision plans.

  • Only include information for the time period during which your Group Health Plan had active coverage in 2023 with BCBSMS.

  • Once the survey is submitted, changes to the survey responses will not be accepted.

  • For purposes of the Survey, a Member is defined as a covered employee and their dependents, retirees and their dependents and COBRA participants.

If the RxDC Group Survey is not completed by March 31, 2024, BCBSMS will not include this information in our aggregate reporting to CMS. Be aware, if you decide not to complete this survey, information not provided to us will need to be submitted to CMS by the Group. To avoid non-compliance, your Group must either create an account in the CMS Health Insurance Oversight System to submit your D1 and P2 data files or complete our RxDC Survey. The deadline for self-submitting the data files is June 1, 2024.

Groups with coverage during a portion of 2023 through another insurer are responsible for ensuring information relevant to periods of coverage by your other insurer is reported either by the Group or the other insurance carrier.

It is important to note BCBSMS is only submitting the RxDC reporting regarding coverage with BCBSMS. The Group is ultimately responsible for its RxDC reporting for 2023 and accepts any and all risk arising from the Group not providing the requested data in the survey.

Please review this FAQ for more information.

Please note: This survey is separate from the customary Group Survey required before renewal.

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